French Style Sausages

Sold in packs of 6 weighing approx 550gm

Contains a preservative E221.

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Our Toulouse Sausage is made in a true French style. Coarsely minced pork & fat is marinated in white wine and then seasoned by hand. They are a delicious garlic sausage with Herbes de Provence. The sausages are a classic ingredient in Cassoulet. A delicious hot pot. The sausages are cooked with beans, tomatoes, cured pork belly and either duck or goose. Delicious. We also stock a range of La Belle Chaurienne tinned Cassoulets – please contact us for details.

The Saucisse de Berrichonne is from the Loire Valley. It is made from coarsely minced pork & fat and seasoned with sauteed onion, garlic & parsley. It is a very savoury sausage.

Our french style sausages do not contain crumb or rusk. The Berrichonne contains onions. Both sausages contain preservative E221. We make our own seasoning mix for the sausage.