Salsicce – Italian style Sausage – 4 Varieties

Sold in packs of 6 weighing approximately 550g

The sausages contain preservative E221 The Artichoke & Truffle Sausage contains Parmesan Cheese – they are £6.50 per pack reflecting the value of the ingredients


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Our Salsicce (Pork sausage) are made in a true Italian style. Coarsely minced pork & fat is seasoned by hand. We use a range of different seasonings to produce these gourmet sausages.

Fennel Seed & Garlic

Sun Dried Tomato & Sicilian Oregano

Roasted Red Pepper & Chilli Seed

Artichoke Pesto and Black Truffle

Please note you can only add one flavour to your cart at a time.

The sausages are delicious poached in a little white wine with some onions and served with braised broccoli or kalette, or with polenta or on pasta with sauce.

Salsicce do not contain crumb or rusk. We make our own seasoning mix for the sausage.



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