Rump Roast or Buttock of Beef

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The rump is located between the sirloin and the hind leg. It is aged on the bone with Himalayan rock salt for up to 6 weeks to enhance the flavour. The bone is then removed, excess fat is trimmed and the joint is tied & cut to size.

A well hung piece of rump can be roasted as “Buttock of Beef”, a recipe dating from 1765 goes thus;  “Take a thick peice of buttock beef, lay it to soake in a pint of claret wine and a pint of wine vinegar, the beef being first seasoned with peper nutmegg and salt and soe let it lye two days, then take the beef and put it in a pasty well seasoned with nutmeg and salt”. Absolutely wonderful, it is thought this is an early version of the Beef Wellington.

Rump makes a very good roasting joint, it is not as expensive as sirloin, but is dry aged on the bone, therefore has a good flavour and is a better grade of beef than topside. This is a good choice for Christmas eats well hot or cold.