Fore Rib of Beef

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The fore rib joint is the star of all cuts of Beef. The first 4 rib bones are cut off the fore quarter for ageing. The ribs are aged on the bone in a cabinet lined with Himalayan rock salt for up to 6 weeks. The ageing process “dries” the meat. As the meat matures the flavour becomes more concentrated, whilst at the same time also becoming more tender. The chine bone is removed, excess fat is trimmed and the ribs are french trimmed.

Ribs are normally ordered by the number of bones, on average each bone in the trimmed joint weighs around 1.25kg, but the joint is not an even shape so some will be bigger & some smaller. We sometimes have 5 bone ribs available for larger parties – please contact us to check if we have any available.

Because the beef animals do not grow to standard sizes the final weight will vary so our prices are based on the number of bones ordered.

Rib Size

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