Pork Chops & Loin Steaks

A pack of 2 T bone chops weighs approximately 850g

A pack of 2 loin steaks weighs approximately 500g

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T bone chops – The king of all chops. The rump end of the loin is sliced on the bone with the fillet or tenderloin left on, like a T bone steak. The T bone chops can be fryed, grilled or roasted. We like to season them with ground fennel seed, cumin, salt & pepper and roast them.

Loin Steak – The shoulder end of the loin of Pork is deboned and cut into steaks. The steaks can be fryed, grilled or roasted. If you would prefer a larger steak why not have a valentine steak, we cut a thicker steak and butterfly it for you.

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