Half a Goat in a Box

The Goats are all female around 18 months old. They have been milked but will have been selected for meat as they were not highly productive milkers. The meat looks very similar to Mutton, it is tender and has a milky white fat. A whole leg would weigh around 3kg, a whole shoulder would weigh around 4kg.

If you require us to prepare the meat in a different way please add instructions in the notes box at the checkout.

Weight approximately 15kg per side before butchery. Price includes delivery

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A half goat box includes:

  • Whole leg – Choose from 2 halves OR one whole
  • Whole shoulder – Choose from 2 halves OR one whole
  • Trimmed rack OR cutlets
  • 6 loin chops
  • Rump & neck diced
  • Any trimmings and the breast are minced