Free Range Chicken Box

Our Chicken Lover’s Box has a selection of Free Range Chicken products. The price includes delivery.

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Our Free Range Chickens are reared at Haywood Farm, between Radstock and Bath. The birds are allowed to grow at their own speed, they roam outdoors during the day and are brought in for protection at night. They are fed on cereals mixed on the farm and is sourced locally. When they are ready they are processed on farm too. We have been using the Chicken since opening our shop in 2019 and have had an awful lot of praise from customers.

As the birds are allowed to grow longer than commercially reared alternatives, we find they are plump and the meat has a wonderful flavour. It is definitely worth paying a premium for these Free Range Chickens.

Our Chicken Lover’s box includes :

2 x Whole Free Range Chicken (around 1.8/2kg)

1 x pack 2 Free Range Chicken breasts (approx 500gm)

1 x pack 2 Free Range Chicken breasts stuffed with Toulouse sausagemeat “En Croute” (latticed puff pastry contains gluten).

1 x pack of 4 Free Range Chicken legs (bone in thigh & drumstick)

2 x Free Range Chicken Paupiette, 2 breasts stuffed with our Fennel & Garlic sausagemeat (gluten free approx 700gm)

1 pack of our Chicken Sausages (conatins 6 gluten free sausages) made with Italian tomatoes and fresh basil. We don’t add pork fat but the case is from a pig.

The chicken sausage and the paupiettes contain preservative E221

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