Free Range Bronze Turkey Box

Turkeys grow slowly to their individual size. We will do our best to fill your order with a bird as close too your request.

Giblets included.

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Our Free Range Bronze Turkeys are reared on a local farm. They grow slowly through the Summer & Autumn and are allowed to forage in fields during the day. Bronze turkey is renowned for flavour and texture. The birds are dry plucked and hung like all other game birds to mature. We hang the Turkeys for 12 days before dressing the birds to order.

Our Turkey box contains a Crown, 2 Paupiettes – boneless thighs stuffed with a Pork and sage & onion stuffing, 2 Drumsticks and the Giblets.

Sizing – the Crown is roughly 45% of a whole dressed Turkey including its giblets, so a 4.5kg Turkey would produce a Crown of roughly 2kg (which is roughly 15% bone, so just under 1.75kg of breast meat)




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