Free Range Pork

This week’s Pork is: Free Range large black                    Sourced from: holford, somerset

pork /pɔːk/ noun. the flesh of pigs used as food.

We use various breeds of Pig – mainly Mangalitsa, Large Blacks and Large Whites. All have different characteristics and different levels of fat.

Buying Pork with a good layer of fat on it is more and more difficult. The perception is nobody wants fat meat & the popular market is dictated by the large multiples. But in fact, many serious chefs require it. And in producing sausages, salami and bacon, for example, we require it. That said, chops and other cuts are best from leaner meat. So, we require different breeds, different amounts of fat, and we are able to offer our customers choice.

When available, please try our Mangalitsa. This breed originates in Hungary and genetically it has a high proportion of Wild Boar. Therefore it’s taste is deeper and meatier than more conventional breeds.

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