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mutton /ˈmʌt.ən/ noun. 1. the flesh of sheep, esp. of mature sheep, used as food. 2. mutton dressed (up) as lamb. an older person, thing, or idea dressed to look young or new. – muttony adj.

Mutton is a seasonal product, typically available in the autumn. Mutton, simply, is the meat from a Sheep aged two years and older. Salt Marsh Mutton is particularly delicious because of its fabulous diet. The sheep have spent at least two long summers out on the Salt Marshes grazing on a Michelin starred smorgasbord of herbs and grasses. The effect of this exceptional diet is spectacular and we believe the quality, flavour and tenderness of the mutton we produce is unrivalled. Time and patience are a luxury these days but by leaving the sheep to grow and ensuring they have the best grazing possible we feel we have found the key to perfect Mutton.

Our Mutton hangs for two weeks. It is very tender and delicious. Some cuts are suitable for slow cooking whilst others are wonderful cooked quickly & served pink.

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