Salt Marsh Lamb

This week’s Lamb is: Salt Marsh Lamb   Sourced from: Steart, Somerset

lamb /læm/ noun. 1. the young of a sheep. 2. the meat of a young sheep. – lamb-like adj. 

There are over 90 breeds of Sheep in the UK, the largest number in any one country in the world.

Most Lambs are born between December & May, depending upon breed, location and farming system used. Lambs stay with their mothers for milk until they are weaned. The character of the meat will depend upon how old the Lamb is, the amount of milk in its diet and the type of grazing it has been reared on.

We choose Lambs that have a unique quality, and this will depend upon the time of the year. So whether it is Salt Marsh Lamb or Poll Dorset Spring Lamb or Hogget, you know we have chosen the best.

The new season Salt Marsh Lambs are available from June, we usually finish marketing them around November. Lambs that graze on salt marshes produce a quality meat that has a flavour, colour and texture that is like no other. These unique characteristics are created by the multitude of wild grasses and herbs that are only found growing on estuary salt marshes. Grasses like puccinellia, and herbs like sea lavender and marsh samphire.

We will have some Salt Marsh Mutton available in the Autumn

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