Dry Aged Beef

This week’s Beef is: Hereford      Sourced from: Holford, Somerset

beef /biːf/ noun. 1. the flesh of various bovine animals, esp. the cow, when killed for eating. 2 beef (up). to strengthen, reinforce verb.

Our Beef is matured to produce flavour & tenderness. The balance of fat and meat is a vital factor in taste. We use breeds that naturally lay down intra-muscular fat in the meat which produces wonderful marbled beef. This is achieved by grass-feeding and all of our meat is grass-fed. The most consistent carcass we use is the North Devon or Red Ruby and we think this is probably the best beef you can buy.

Next we “dry age” the Beef. We select the best carcasses and use natural processes to enhance the flavour, texture & tenderness of the meat. The ribs, loins and rumps are aged on the bone in a specially controlled atmosphere for four to six weeks. We carefully control the humidity and have built a Himalayan Rock Salt wall that allows the meat to slowly dry developing a wonderful depth of flavour and becoming increasingly more and more tender.

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