Butchery for Smallholders

We are pleased to offer a cut, pack and label service for local smallholders. This service enables you to turn your carcasses into a professionally butchered and packaged product, so whether you are thinking of selling at a farmers market or to your friends and family we can help produce a quality boxed product.

We are happy to discuss with you and advise on :

  • Local abattoirs and the services they offer.
  • Help arrange collection and transport of the carcasses when ready.
  • Report on grade, weight and quality of the carcass and its suitable uses.
  • Offer advice and the options available for butchery – every cut and product choice.
  • Butcher and portion the carcass into steaks, joints, diced and minced meat as required.
  • We can make sausages to your own specification and recipe or offer some of our own if necessary.
  • We can cure Pork products to your requirements, including gammons, back & streaky bacon.
  • Advise on the options available for different types of packaging.
  • Label each item either with our logo & description or if you can supply the appropriate labels, your own logo.
  • Add a weight & price of each item if required.

We can offer this service for Sheep, Lambs, Pigs and Cows. Please contact us if you would like to ask any questions or to request a quote.

“We’ve been smallholders in Somerset for 5 years and used a couple of butchers to preprare our lamb and pork. Thoroughly Wild Meat are clearly top end in comparison to others, both in terms of the way the meat has been expertly cut and presented, and in the packaging and clear labelling it comes back with. When you are rooting around in the freezer there is nothing more frustrating than picking up half ripped plastic bags, not having a clue what the lump of icy meat is and having to guess which year it was produced.

Andrew has also been a fantastic mentor. We knew very little about different cuts, condition scoring or how breeds and feed can influence the taste of the meat, but over the years, Andrew has given us so much advice that it is clear his expertise goes way beyond just picking up a very sharp knife.

I would highly recommend Thoroughly Wild Meat as butcher of choice for all smallholders.”

Mrs S Wells, Wookey.