Gotland Mutton

Gotland Sheep come from the Swedish island of Gotland. The breed was established by the Vikings using Karakul and Romanov sheep (Russian) and the native Landrace Sheep. The Vikings were great seafarers as well as sheep farmers and took these animals on their extensive voyages to provide meat and skins along the route. Hence the … Continue reading “Gotland Mutton”

Good Things

Many kind people have said lovely things about The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company. I’ve collated some of them here. Observer Food Monthly No 1 Meat Suppliers for Christmas Debbie Major, Delicious Magazine Your meat was OUTSTANDING ! Everyone who ate it was bowled over. So thank you! CT, London As ever, Andrew, you’re a winner … Continue reading “Good Things”

Vitellone – Unique Beef with the quality of Veal

Here at The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company we are influenced by Italian cuisine and Italian butchery. However, most Italians would not recognise much of what we create here with our dry aged Beef, the 6-week black rib. For them 30-month old Beef is not on the menu, the choice is Vitello (veal) or Vitellone. And … Continue reading “Vitellone – Unique Beef with the quality of Veal”

Salsicce – a Pork sausage made in an Italian style

I was introduced to Salsicce by a friend & fellow stall-holder at The Bath Farmer’s Market (where you can find us most Saturdays) Manuele Di Vincenzo. He’s a Sicilian and he asked me to make a pork sausage to his recipe, a slightly vague recipe admittedly. But, you know, I’ve seen the movies. When a … Continue reading “Salsicce – a Pork sausage made in an Italian style”