Salsicce – a Pork sausage made in an Italian style

Bunch of SausagesI was introduced to Salsicce by a friend & fellow stall-holder at The Bath Farmer’s Market (where you can find us most Saturdays) Manuele Di Vincenzo. He’s a Sicilian and he asked me to make a pork sausage to his recipe, a slightly vague recipe admittedly. But, you know, I’ve seen the movies. When a Sicilian asks me to do something I do it. Anyway, he loved them. I read more and learned more, and after my last visit to Italy refined the recipe. They are good, very good.

Salsicce contain no bread crumbs. They’re gluten free, which is a popular thing in this day and age. They are rich and delicious, remarkable really. The meat and fat is minced just once so they have a coarse, meaty texture. They are seasoned and made by hand.

Their provenance isn’t exactly Sicilian. You find them all over Italy, with regional recipe variations. Manuele’s have a little paprika with fennel seed and garlic. They are very popular. But I also make one with Parmigiano cheese, and another with oregano. They’re all excellent.

You should use these to cook with. Try this: sautée some onion, add the sausages, a splash of white wine & simmer. Serve with pan seared broccoli. You’ll be happy.