Should You Buy Meat from The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company?

For many, buying meat online is a new thing, a strange thing. We get it! Not so long ago it was weird to buy anything online! But now, well, you know, everyone’s at it. You’re probably reading this sat on a sofa which you bought online, working on an ipad you bought online, wearing clothes (you are wearing clothes, right?) you bought online.

Anyway, to the point: buying meat online. You should do it & you should buy from us.

OK, let me give you some reasons why not to buy from us:

You shouldn’t shop with us if you don’t really care about the quality of the meat you eat, or if the price is more important. That’s not to say we’re expensive, but there are cheaper meats out there, in terms of quality and price.

Nor should you shop with us if you’re going to be disappointed that not all of our meat is available. Seasonality and the search for serious quality means that what is available at any one time can be limited.

However, if you care about good animal husbandry and welfare; if you agree that livestock that is looked after well in the field tastes better on the plate; if you love well matured, succulent and great flavoured meat; if you believe that not all butchery is equal, that carefully seam cut meat is the best; if you believe these things please shop here.