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The Thoroughly Wild Meat Co.

Salt Marsh Lamb, Dry Aged Beef and Free Range Pork .......

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"The Finest English Lamb" Rose Prince Author & Food Journalist




" Your meat was OUTSTANDING ! Everyone who ate it was bowled over. So

thank you ! "        Debbie Major - Delicious Magazine



On The Butcher's block for

Christmas 2016


Our Beef is matured in a controlled environment. It has a dark colour and a wonderful depth of flavour. Our ribs will have been matured between 1 and 2 months. This year we are mainly using Red Ruby Beef.

Fore Rib of Beef                                                                   £ 22.95/kg – up to 5 bones

Rolled Sirloin Joint                                                             £ 28.95/kg

Sirloin on the bone                                                             £ 26.95/kg, 

Rolled Rump or “Buttock” Joint                                      £ 19.95/kg, 

Top Side                                                                               £ 12.95/kg.  

Fully trimmed Whole Fillet                                                 £47.95/kg, other prices on request



Traditional Free Range Bronze Turkeys. Our Turkeys are all free range and are hung to give them a fuller flavour - Includes giblets. We also have a few Norfolk Black Turkeys available too.


Up to 7kg £ 12.10 per kg, 7kg to 9kg £ 11.40 per kg, over 9kg £ 10.75 per kg



Wessex White Geese available to order between 3kg & 5kg at £ 12.95 per kg.




This year we have cured all of our Gammons using Large Black pigs. All of our Gammons are off the bone. We offer a Plain Gammon, a Smoked Gammon or our very popular Black Gammon. The Black Gammon’s are marinated in porter ale with Christmas spices. The black gammons are best roasted and don’t need soaking – they are not suitable for eating hot. A whole Gammon would weigh around 7 to 9kg – please ask for size required.


Plain Gammon £ 11.95/kg               Black Gammon £ 14.95/kg               Cold Smoked Gammon £ 14.95/kg




Christmas marks the end of the season for Salt Marsh Lamb, we prepare our Lamb ready for a feast !


Long Leg - Leg & rump (part boned 3kg+)                                     £ 14.45 /kg

Leg – Standard cut                                                                              £ 12.50 /kg

Boneless Loin – available as a single loin or double loin             £  21.95 /kg

Crown Roast (2 racks with the frills supplied !)                            £ 19.95  /kg

Boneless Shoulder                                                                              £  10.95 /kg

Whole Shoulder on the bone                                                            £   8.50  /kg




Joints of Pork for the Christmas fayre.

Bone in leg £ 7.95/kg, boneless shoulder £ 8.50/kg, rolled loin £12.50/kg, rack of pork £11.45/kg




We make our own Dry Cured Bacon – air dried – Back Bacon £ 16.95 /kg Streaky £ 13.95 /kg (8 rashers back or  12 streaky per pack). Plain or smoked.

Sausages – Our classic Butcher’s breakfast sausage – a traditionally seasoned plain pork sausage £ 10.95/kg – PACKS OF 6 The Italian – Fennel Seed & Garlic £10.95/kg   Pork Chipolatas  £ 12.95/kg


Black Pudding – 9.95/kg    and Sausage Meat ( £9.95/kg in 1/2kg packs) .







Markets, Shows & Festivals





We are at Bath Farmer's Market every Saturday

Christmas in Bath Thursday 22nd & Saturday 24th December 




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