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Next Available in June 2017

We offer either half or whole Lambs or you can choose your own choice of cuts, all packed in a box & delivered to you.



A half lamb family box includes a full leg, whole shoulder, neck chops, a trimmed rack, 6 loin chops, a rump roast and a rolled breast at £ 90 including delivery. Approximate weight of half a Lamb before butchery 9 to 10 kg.

A whole Lamb has double the quantity of cuts, or we can provide a variety of different cuts ie 1 leg whole & 1 leg boned & rolled, in fact there are many, many ways to prepare the cuts (see below) and we are more than happy to provide a whole or half lamb butchered as required. We can also prepare the cuts to suit smaller numbers ie for 2 people. Please just ask.

SALT MARSH LAMB                                                                                                                            Price per Kg

Standard Leg - approx 2.5 kg on the bone.

French cut Leg (aitch bone removed & knuckle trimmed)


If you would like a half leg please let us know if you prefer either the fillet or shank end of the leg.

or Boned & Rolled leg 

£ 12.50 / kg  

£ 13.95/ kg




£ 16.50 / kg


Carvery Shoulder (partly boned - the knuckle bone is left in) .

approx 1.5kg to 1.8 kg

We can also butterfly a shoulder or leg just right for the BBQ

£ 10.95  / kg







Whole or Half Shoulder - if you would like a half shoulder please let us know if you prefer either the blade or shin portion

whole approx 2.5 kg

 £ 8.50 / kg 

Boneless Loin Fillet - either single or double loin (pictured).

approx 700 gm single

Also available stuffed with a seasoned Lamb forcemeat with sage & onion or garlic.




 £ 21.95 / kg







Rump roast - small carvery roast, very popular mid week cut - suitable for 2 and cooks in 45 minutes.

approx 500 gm

or can be sliced into boneless chump steaks

 £ 17.95 / kg

Loin Chops - either single (pictured) or double/barnsley chops.


 £ 15.95 / kg


Trimmed Rack - cut as a 7 bone rack

Lamb cutlets (please state number)


£ 19.95 / kg

£ 18.95 / kg


Scrag End of Neck - neck chops for Lancashire hotpot or Irish Stew.

approx 150 to 200 gm per chop

 £ 8.95 / kg

Hand Made Burger 6oz


Diced Lamb

Boneless Breast stuffed with Sage & Onion

Mince - packs of 500 gm or as required






£ 1.75 each


£  9.95 / kg

£  6.95 / kg


£  8.95 / kg


If the order is less than £ 120 then £7.95 is included in the total cost, over £120 and delivery is FREE. Our minimum order is £35.