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One of our most seasonal offerings - Salt Marsh Mutton


AVAILABLE in the Autumn 2017



In his definitive book "Meat", Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall states that, ‘The best sheep meat Ihave ever eaten has come from animals over a year old.’

At The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company we believe that our mutton is something rather special too.

The mutton we produce at Thoroughly Wild is made particularly delicious by its fabulous diet. The sheep have spent at least two lovely long summers out on our beautiful salt marshes grazing on a Michelin starred smorgasbord of herbs and grasses.The effect of this exceptional grazing is spectacular and we believe the quality, flavour and tenderness of the mutton we produce is unrivalled.Our sheep are physically mature but still young animals in the prime of life.They live incredibly natural lives and the utmost care is taken of their welfare.We hang our mutton for three weeks so that the meat is as perfect as possible and, far from needing marinating or slow cooking, it can be roasted and served pink like the best cuts of beef.

Time and patience are a luxury these days but by leaving our sheep to mature and grow, and ensuring they have the best grazing possible we feel we have found the key to perfect mutton.


Our Mutton box consists of : a whole leg, a whole shoulder, (the legs & shoulders are quite big, around 3 - 3.5kg, if you would prefer them halved please ask, or the leg could be cut into steaks or a mix of steaks and a 1/2 leg), 6 cutlets, 6 loin chops, 4 boneless chump steaks and all the trimmings are minced.


The sides of Mutton weigh around 16 kg before butchery - the Mutton box costs £ 95 fully butchered and includes delivery.  


We also offer individual boxes of Mutton made up with your choice of cuts, however as our supply is limited, preference is given to orders for our box as above.



Individual Cuts of Salt Marsh Mutton :



Leg                                         £ 12.25 / kg



Shoulder                                 £   7.85 / kg



Loin Chops                              £ 15.45 / kg



Cutlets                                     £ 12.95 / kg



Chump Steak (boneless)          £ 16.95 / kg



Leg Steak (boneless)               £ 16.50 / kg



Cannon (loin)                          £ 19.95 / kg - completely trimmed like fillet



Breast                                      £   4.95 / kg



Mince                                      £   8.95 / kg



Diced                                       £   9.95 / kg


If the value of the meat ordered is less than £ 120 then a delivery charge of £7.95 is included in the total cost.