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Risk AssessmentCompany name:The Thoroughly Wild Meat Co Ltd

What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing?

What further action is necessary?

Action by who?

Action by when?


Manual Handling

Staff – lifting equipment during set up, break down and re stocking stand

Use of ramps & trolleys.Ensure sufficient staff employed for task. Training incorrect position for lifting




Staff – when preparing meat

Ensure knives are kept sharp. Provision of chainmail gauntlet for butchers




Staff/ public – electrical faults causing short circuit or fire hazard

All equipment is PAT tested. Extension leads have circuit breakers fitted



Hot Surfaces

Staff / public – touching hot plates could burn

A barrier is in place to prevent the public touching the surface.



Food Hygiene

Public :

Raw Meat – must be fit for consumer to cook

Cooked Meat – must be fit for consumption

Our butchery is EHO approved. We have procedures in place for storage and handling of carcasses, including chill monitoring. The premises has a cleaning programme.HACCP principles applied

At events meat is transported chilled, is kept in either cold box or chilled display, hand washing facilities and cleaning materials are available. Cooked products ie burgers are cooked to demand (not held in large quantities)and each one is temp tested to 70’C. All food is stored off the ground. Serving staff do not cook. Serving utensils not cooking utensils. Protective gloves and hats worn at all times. FSA Safer Food Better Business caterers manual used.

None but constant monitoring required



Staff / public – tripping over cables and boxes etc

All electrical cables are secured with cable ties and boxes are stored under tables.




Staff / Public – combustible substance

All equipment is tested by a Gas Safe registered inspector



Assessment review date:January 2014 (usually within one year, or earlier if working habits or conditions change)

For information specific to your industry please go to

Employers with five or more employees must have a written health and safety policy and risk assessment.

For further information and to view our example risk assessments go to

For advice and support contact HSE Infoline Tel: 0845 345 0055 or e-mail:

Combined risk assessment and policy template published by the Health and Safety Executive 09/09