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Saddleback Piggy


We now have a smoke house !!

Smoked Gammon (from 1kg upwards) £ 8.50 / kg

Smoked Back Bacon  £ 18.95 / kg


We all love a bit of crackling !! You have to be honest Pork is a delicious meat.


This week we have some free range Middle White Pork available.


I have pictured some of the cuts of pork available below, others available upon request. I am more than happy to cut any joints to size.


Mangalitsa Pork - the hairy pig ! Mangalitsa came to the UK about 10 years ago from the Austrian/Hungarian area. The pigs grow very very slowly, maturing nearer a year old, and without any doubt the flavour of the pork is amazing - it has a real depth of flavour, the best I have ever tasted. Over Christmas we managed to find some more of these wonderful beasts - an update will follow shortly when it is available. We have also bought some sows so we will be able to manage our supply - hooray. A quarter box of Mangalitsa Pork @ £8.25/kg - weight 12 - 14 kg approx.


Our next Mangalitsa Pork will be available at Easter


A 1/4 Piggy box includes :

1 large shoulder joint around 2.25 to 2.5kg or 2 medium sized joints at 1 to 1.25kg, 

either 1 large Leg joint 3 to 3.5kg or 2 medium joints 1.5 to 1.75kg, 

10 chops  or a mix of rolled Loin & Chops or just rolled loin approx 2.5kg 

Belly piece on the bone approx 1.5 to 2kg, 

Sausages - around 3kg


Free Range Mangalitsa Pork

 Boned & Rolled Loin                  £14.50 / kg kg                                                                       
 Loin Chops£ 13.50 / kg 

 Rack of Pork (please let us know no.

of bones required)

 £  12.50 / kg

 Boned & Rolled Shoulder (spare rib)

 the butchers favourite !

 £ 9.95 / kg
 Boned & Rolled Leg£ 7.95 / kg 
 Belly Pork on the bone£ 7.95 / kg 

Sausages - our traditional coarse cut Breakfast Sausage

We also make Italian style Salsicce or sausage with Fennel Seed & Garlic (and no rusk) as well as with Parmesan & another with Oregano. 

£ 10.95 / kg





Dry Cured Bacon - hand salted.




£ 16.95 / kg

£ 11.95 / kg 

Gammons - either plain or our very popular Black Gammon cured in porter ale. Gammons cured to order allow 2 weeks for delivery

£ 10.95 / kg plain

£ 12.95 / kg black