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Red Ruby - North Devon Cattle   


Me & Highland hind quarter

blue grey galloway cross


Blue Grey Beef - A breed originated in Scotland in mid 19th century - A Galloway / Whitebred Shorthorn cross 

Breeds and Type

We use traditional native breeds such as Highland, Luing, Galloway and Blue Grey, as well as Hereford, Angus & North Devon. They are all grass fed and grass finished.


This simple formula works - it produces mouth watering BEEF !


Our Beef is free-ranging, remaining outside all year round and are allowed to develop naturally, in the old fashioned way, which takes time, good husbandry and patience. It comes from Devon & Somerset.


Once in our chiller the sides of beef are allowed to mature for 4 to 6 weeks so producing a wonderfully full flavoured beef. The combination of the grasses and herbs the animals graze on gives this beef a deliciously distinct flavour. 


A History of the Luing Breed


The Luing breed was pioneered by the Cadzow brothers on the Island of Luing in Argyll off the west coast of Scotland. In 1947, having long admired the outstanding and complementary qualities of two great beef breeds, the Beef Shorthorn with its fleshing qualities and the Highlander with its ruggedness and hardiness, the Cadzow brothers selected some of the best first cross Shorthorn/Highland heifers that could be procured . Over the next 18 years the brothers continued to develop this cross until in 1965 the British Government officially recognised the Luing as a breed in its own right.


If you would like to know more about the Luing please take a peak at the breed society website







Traditional Dry Aged Beef

using traditional breeds & hung for 4 weeks 




Beef Prices - OUR NEXT Red Ruby Devon BEEF is ready.


BEEF BOXES - Our special 10kg mixed beef boxes consist of 1kg of Rump steaks, a 1kg Top Rump joint, a 1kg Silverside joint, 2 x 1kg Topside joint (or could be left as a whole 2kg joint) 1kg Skirt as well as 4 packs of steak mince and 4 packs of diced beef. All delivered for £ 115.



Dry Aged Prime Fore Rib and Wing Rib of Red Ruby Beef

Dry Aged Beef Prices


 £ per Kg
Fillet Steak  49.95 

Fillet   - whole approx 1.8kg

Chateaubriand  49.95

Rib Eye 



Porterhouse - bone in Sirloin  27.95

Rump - trimmed

Picanha  23.95

Escalopes - quick fry sandwich steaks




Rolled Sirloin


Sirloin on the bone (Wing Rib)


Fore Rib (up to 5 bone)






Slow Roast or casserole






Shin - off the bone


Shin - on the bone




Braising Steak






Prime Beef Burger 6oz

hand made - no rusk

   1.50 each 


If the order is less than £ 120 then £7.95 is included in the total cost. Our minimum order is £35.



A few thoughts on cuts of Beef .......

Fillet – The most tender cut of the entire beast and the most expensive. It can be baked whole and “en croute”,  pan-fried or perhaps browned in a little butter, rolled in foil and flash roasted  for a perfect rare roast.

Sirloin – The most wonderful cut of lightly marbled Beef.  We can prepare succulent steaks, rolled sirloin joints, sirloin on the bone or a 3 bone wing rib joint.

Rump – A bit cheaper – Rump can be cut into steaks including the famous Pope's Eye! A well hung piece of rump can be roasted as “Buttock of Beef", a recipe dating from 1765 so tried and tested!.


The recipe goes thus;  "Take a thick peice of buttock beef, lay it to saoke in a pint of claret wine and a pint of wine vinegar, the beef being first seasoned with peper nutmegg and salt and soe let it lye two days, then take the beef and put it in a pasty well seasoned with nutmeg and salt". Absolutely wonderful.

Fore Rib – Possibly the most classic image of roast beef – there can be no more wonderful sight than seeing a perfectly cooked set of ribs served on an enormous platter with all the trimmings – need I say any more !!

Back Rib – or “chuck”. A fabulous marbled chuck joint isn’t regarded as being as “good” as forerib in that it has more fat and less tender, but if it isn’t rushed it will make a cracking braised joint.  The proper hanging of beef turns lesser cuts of beef into something unexpectedly special. 

Top Side & Top Rump – both rump cuts – these are larded joints, turn the heat down a little (to say 150ºC) and for allow a bit longer, add some red wine or a drop of water.


Silverside makes wonderful cold beef.  It should be seasoned, sealed and then simmered, half submerged for quarter of an hour, 8 minutes on one side and 7 minutes on the other. Remove from the heat and leave to cool in the juices. This is a Norwegian recipe for creating perfect cold rare beef.


Skirt - is there anything better for Kate and Sydney pie?


Mince - when made with well hung beef it tastes better and goes further.


We have endless ideas about all the different ways to enjoy this glorious beef.  Please just ask!